Lab Report: GIFs

Reaction GIF:

Counter GIF:

The former GIF resembles the general populations sense of utter surprise at something, whether it be ignorant people trying to defend their beliefs or political leaders doing the same thing during a press-brief. This GIF can be used endless situations for acts of awe, disgust, or any negative reaction that makes someone cringe.  My counter-gif example shows a celebrity who is annoyed in an interview.  However there is not much of a present reaction of his face, and he is wearing sunglasses.  Reaction GIFS are meant be over exaggerated, and so by posting the counter example I meant to show that the GIFs are over exaggerated.

Sports GIF:

Counter GIF:

Sports GIFs are usually meant to show triumph in sports.  My first GIF is footage of an amazing dunk made in a basketball game.  These moments are used to show the glory of great athletics.  In contrast, my Counter GIF shows a sports failure in which a baseball player misses an easy catch.  This satirizes the glory of the sports GIFs by making one that is funny to watch because of the unfortunate miss.

Wobble GIF:


Counter GIF:

This wobble GIF shows man’s disappointed face moving back and forth in random directions in the frame.  It’s really intense, and it has the caption “Triggered!” on the bottom of the screen.  My counter GIf is used to undermine this GIF.  It shows the same GIF, but modified by taking out the caption and making the effect of the wobble less intense.  This makes the GIF less intense and undermines the principle element of the GIF: the wobble.  For example, making this GIF into a picture would have the effect of making it just a picture of a disappointed face.  My counter GIF shows the same GIF slowed down.

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