Technology: The Good and the Bad

I found it particularly jarring that even since 2005 communication technologies have been used in away to negotiate public and private space. Now with the vast array of technology available, we probably do this more. Social Topography In A Wireless ERA: The Negotiation of Public and Private Space illuminated how people use technology for privacy for me, even when in public. It sounds obvious but I’m interested in the way that technology is taking over our lives. I say this because I’ve noticed through the reading of this text and applying it to real life that we as technological consumers, and bystanders for that matter, subconsciously behave in a way that caters to our technology, whether it’s a smart-phone, cell-phone, laptop, or tablet.

One example that I’ve noticed a lot is when my parents called me on the phone last night. I was doing work while talking to a friend when my mom called me. So subconsciously my friend and I had this unspoken communication that I’ll see him later. To make it seem more like the article though, I subconsciously got up and started pacing around the room while talking to them-good thing I was alone in the room! Anyway, I said I was doing this subconsciously because I wasn’t aware that I, in fact, was catering to my phone call. I stopped my conversation with my friend, I stopped what I was working on, and I started pacing around the room. And now that I think about it I had my back to the door! I literally privatized a public area although I was alone in the room. Had there been people I probably would’ve left the room to protect “those bystanders from being infringed upon by the private matters” (380 Humphreys) of my phone call.

I think for the most part that technology that lets us take our private matters with us like cell-phones is good for society because it lets us connect.   But on the other hand I’ve always lived my life believing that a balance in everything is necessary to live a well-rounded life. For example, cell-phones are definitely necessary in today’s day in age, but I procrastinate all the time on my phone and on the internet and can miss out on learning, socializing with actual people, and sleep. However, we’ve seen this as a historical trend with kaleidoscopes and landline telephones. But now it seems that since technology is so widespread, there’s even more of a warning towards the distraction that technology can bring from actually enjoying life. When thinking about this, I recall a video that I saw two or so years ago about the negatives about technology. It’s well worth the watch I assure you.

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