Televised and Politicized Trolling


Upon reading We’re the reason we can’t have nice things on the Internet, I found out that the umbrella term of “trolling” is much more vague than the generic 14 year old making fun of a photo on the internet. It makes sense that it actually transcends this image of the generic troll to “politicians” like Donald Trump, and even News Media Coverage.

Let’s start with the elephant in the blog, Donald Trump. It’s pretty clear that his excessive tweets for the most part “trolls” aspects of racial, gendered, protest groups and many more aspects of society. I always thought that trolls were weak little kids who hide behind their devices, and it’s true although the weak bully with tiny hands happens to be controlling the White House. And this is scary (and has been), because this just adds more evidence that Trump (also known as Troll) is so immature, yet has the capabilities of starting World War 3.

It almost seems hand in hand that as we talk about the fat elephant we have to address the mainstream media. This time, however, the media outlets do have people who are wrong “on many sides”. Let’s look at a topic like conflicts in the Middle East. All the media does is shows the violence with maybe a little bit of coverage about the treaties or an armistice. Like Phillips says in We’re the reason we can’t have nice things on the Internet, most of the media uses these stories by “flattening its subjects into fetishized objects, and essentially converting bad (or tragic, or just plain gross) news into an opportunity to sell more ads.”  Below is an important video going into detail of two examples in which the media has distorted stories, this ignoring the actual impact.  The second example goes into the power that the media has to cause major shifts in economic supply in order to turn make more money (not on topic, but nonetheless very interesting!).

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